The Swiss Cheese Brain Effect and Cheesecake Emporium...(or how I learned to live with and accept FASD with RJ and Mustang Annie)

Episode 1 

Episode 2

RJ and Ann talk about their FASD. They share how they met and how they cope day to day living with FASD. 
RJ and Mustang Annie talk about asking for help and knowing when we need help. 
Often times when someone with FASD needs help, they don't even know it and asking for it is difficult when communication is a problem. We delve into this topic. 

Episode 3

Episode 4

RJ and Mustang Annie talk about TRAUMA and FASD. 
Many that live with FASD have had many losses and trauma. We go into this very sensitive  topic. Warning: People who have heard this have cried through the entire podcast. 
A behavior interventionist joins us to talk about Relationships. 
There is one word that describes people with FASD....ENIGMA. Check out how we can be both at the same time, but yet not be inconsistent. Can be confusing to those who are in relationship with us. VERY interesting podcast!! 

Episode 5

Episode 6

RJ and Mustang Annie talk about FASD and vulnerability.
We cover vulnerabilities in every day situations, in relationships, with medical personnel, and in the court system. We discuss boundaries and how to find a voice in vulnerable situatinos. 
RJ and Mustang Annie talk about boundaries and fight or flight.
So many of us go into fight or flight before setting our own healthy boundaries. This deep discussion is very honest and raw. 

Episode 7

Episode 8

RJ and Mustang Annie discuss stress, being out of routine, and how to self-regulate
The two discuss perseveration. How it can actually be a good thing to perseverate.  Being stuck on surviving and overcoming.