The Swiss Cheese Brain Effect and Cheesecake Emporium...(or how I learned to live with and accept FASD with RJ and Mustang Annie)
We are just two people with FASD
We live and breathe FASD every day
This is the best of and the worst of FASD. This shows success. This shows we can. This shows that we are capable. We talk about and get raw about what we live with each and every day. RJ has a degree in FASD and Ann has degrees in counseling. RJ runs a very successful site called Flying with Broken wings and is the man behind the RED shoes in the RED shoes project for FASD. Ann is an assistant director at a school for kids with Autism and has blogged for Autism Speaks and FASD sites. Their relationsihp and podcasts have taken a life of its own. Their realness takes you into the brain of someone with FASD. FASD is a mystery...let's search into this thing...FASDers and caregivers....together.
FASD stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. 
Blogs and files
RJ and Mustang Annie run a podcast every Friday night at 9:00. We have guests and professionals help us sort out this thing we call FASD. Call in to listen live and be a part of the show at .Call in 302-202-1102. Conference Code is 990234. To raise your hand to comment or ask a question just press 5*. 
RJ's and Mustang Annie's video clips. They are raw, informative, and insightful. Watch and know we are just two people with FASD. We cover topics that hit where we live. FASD RAW
Sometimes we write and sometimes we share files from others that need to be shared. this is our FASD RAW files. 
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